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While finding time on a weekend where I’m not studying is rarer than I’d care to admit, there are a number of things that make my weekends in Bournemouth something to look forward to after a long week. One of my favourite things to do is to visit the coffee shop on the upper level of Waterstones, a bookstore in the Bournemouth town centre. It’s a perfect place to find new things to read, new coffees to try, and it’s got a nice cosy atmosphere with a good street view as well!

When I’ve had some extra time, trips down to Durdle Door and Corfe Castle have made up some of my more adventurous weekends. Both of these locations are a bit of a drive, but they’re also located on the edge of small town centres, which make for fun Saturday afternoon teas and lunches after mornings spent exploring new places. And while I can’t always spend entire weekends exploring, trips down to the Bournemouth pier make for a good excuse to get some fresh air, and the nearby cinema is always a good way to get away from the English rain.

Some of my favourite weekends have even been spent with friends in a flat, making dinners or ordering takeaways from nearby places, and having film nights and meeting new flatmates. Studying does take up a considerable amount of time, but finding time to get away from assignments for a bit is always a fun and refreshing way to spend weekends in Bournemouth!