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When it was time to start packing for Bournemouth, I started off pretty conservatively…and then inevitably tried to fit everything I owned into my suitcase twenty minutes before leaving for the airport in a panic. While it’s certainly tempting to bring as much of home with you when going off to uni, especially when it is as far away from home as Bournemouth is for me, there are definitely better ways to approach packing than the “sit on the suitcase ‘till it closes” method.

What to Pack

It goes without saying that you should definitely be prepared with some warm and waterproof clothing when heading to England; sweaters and an umbrella go a long way in the chilly Bournemouth weather. Make sure to pack an adapter/transformer for any chargers you may need, and don’t forget keepsakes from home! Photos and a favorite movie or two can make a big difference in making a new place feel familiar and cozy!

What to Buy

While things like bedding and kitchen supplies are definitely necessities, holding off on buying those until I arrived in England was a good move. Bournemouth University accommodation has an online shop where students can order plenty of flat necessities like this ahead of time and you can have them delivered to your flat ready for your arrival. This was a huge stress reliever, and saved me from having to brave unfamiliar shops on my first day. The link to the shop is below:

Packing can definitely be stressful, but it doesn’t need to be! Most anything you need  can be found here in Bournemouth, and if you do forget something irreplaceable, having it sent to you via parcel is an option as well.

Happy packing!

Alex Parker