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I am DeAsia Davis from the USA and I completed an MSc Biological Anthropology in September 2016. Studying at BU was one the most fulfilling events in my life.

When I first began applying to universities, I had not heard of Bournemouth University. And, like most, I had dreams of studying abroad in the big city of London. After researching Bournemouth’s curriculum for my attended program, I made the decision that I would benefit from the opportunities offered. I now know I made the right decision.

Although the University is in a relatively small town, you get a very big city experience. The university has an outstanding international community that makes you feel welcomed no matter where you are from.

Three things I’ve learned while studying at BU are: independence, confidence and patience. BU offers a wide range of research courses that require a lot of effort and patience from new researchers. I have received a wide range of support and guidance from my supervisor, lecturers and library staff, which helped push me that extra mile. This allowed me not only to flourish academically, but also to identify and improve on particular weaknesses. I am now confident in my abilities as an independent researcher.

Another amazing opportunity is the Postgraduate Development Award (PGDA). The PGDA award provides initial incentive for students who want to become part of a community. Studying at BU was one the best times of my life. I not only grew as a student, but as person.

by DeAsia Davis

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