BU was where I needed to be

This is Alex Parker from Texas, who studied MA 3D Computer Animation here at Bournemouth University. She has recently been interviewed by the British Council USA, and we would like to share her story with you. Why did you choose the UK to study film and media? After an interview with DreamWorks Animation Studios, I… Read more »

What to Pack and What to Buy

When it was time to start packing for Bournemouth, I started off pretty conservatively…and then inevitably tried to fit everything I owned into my suitcase twenty minutes before leaving for the airport in a panic. While it’s certainly tempting to bring as much of home with you when going off to uni, especially when it… Read more »

Eating in Bournemouth

Flying all the way to Bournemouth from Texas for University, I had plenty of concerns, the first of them being, “What am I supposed to eat??” While English food isn’t too different from American food, recognising the names of popular restaurants, snacks, and grocery stores took some getting used to. Not too far from the… Read more »