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Hello! I am Jaime from Colorado and on the MLit (Hons) English Programme here at BU. Studying overseas can be both an exciting, yet scary adventure! One of the highlights of Bournemouth University is their dedication to student satisfaction. Through its Week One activities calendar and its International Orientation schedule, BU strives to make all of us feel welcome and engaged.

Participating in these events can be a rewarding experience and one of the best ways to get to acclimated to BU and the culture of the UK. I participated in as many activities as I could during my Week One in September 2016 and it helped with my transition into a new environment. The session I found particularly useful was on safety and British Law! Every country has its own rules and knowing what to expect and most importantly how to keep yourself safe is paramount.

The first day, even the first week, can feel overwhelming. Planning ahead is essential. International students must complete a pre-enrolment process in addition to enrolment, and balancing the entry requirements with the scheduled optional activities can be daunting! Make sure you know exactly where you need to be and when for essential appointments and ask ahead if you are unsure. Knowing what you have to do allows you more flexibility to participate in what you want to do.

If you only attend one event, I recommend the International Welcome Reception! BU prides itself on its global outreach and international student population. Nowhere is this more warmly conveyed than at this reception. All international students are welcome and it provides a chance to mingle with BU programme instructors and other international students as well as a chance to meet Bournemouth and/or UK dignitaries.

BU and your experiences in the UK start and end with you – the student! Participating in university and SUBU events during Week One and all the year round pave the way to a richer student experience and serve as a gateway to making the most of BU and all the UK has to offer.