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Hi, I’m Danielle Cook studying MA Corporate Communication at BU.

One of the best parts of studying in Bournemouth is its vibrant centre, the hub of the town where community events and celebrations take place. This holiday season, Bournemouth Square is home to a bustling Christmas market, with stalls offering one-of-a-kind Christmas gifts and curios. From Turkish Delight to wood carved baskets, the market has it all. Near the market, a bright and colourful merry-go-round spins, whilst a Christmas beer garden and bar is set up to entice shoppers with the cosy and rich smell of mulled wine.

In the Lower Gardens is an ice-skating rink, complete with an alpine-inspired bar area offering drinks to warm, chilly skaters after their time on the ice. At night, the ice rink glitters with multicoloured lights as families glide in a continuous circle to early 2000s pop music. By the sea, a large candy cane striped Ferris wheel rotates over the pier front, beckoning Christmas revellers to slow down and appreciate the beauty of Bournemouth’s ocean-side views.


Being from Wisconsin in the US, where there is often too much snow and it is too cold to enjoy the outdoors, the Christmas attractions in Bournemouth appear almost magical to me – the way Christmas is meant to feel. Though Bournemouth’s Christmas market may be much smaller compared to the rest of Europe, it still holds a comforting meaning. Christmas is the time for joy and celebration, and walking with friends through Bournemouth Square this time of year brings just that.

By Danielle Cook