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BSc (Hons) Archaeology

It is a sad thought to realise that I have had my last ever undergraduate field trip. That I am done. I still remember our first trip out, little more than a week in and being taken all over Dorset and Hampshire to see amazing sites, before sleeping in a Viking longhouse reconstruction.

Over the years I have been lucky enough to see and go to some amazing sites, including getting to go into the stones at Stonehenge – one of the benefits of being an archaeologist. And while this last trip was just as much fun as all the others, and the sites just as interesting, it is often the little things I remember most.

What do I remember? I remember a donkey following us down a hillfort bleating sadly as we drove away; eating a bowl and a half of stew because I was hungry and had had a long day while sitting around an open fire; sleeping on a sheep skin rug with all of my clothes on, because it was cold in that longhouse.

I remember waking up very early and waiting for coaches with a muzzy head because I wasn’t fully awake yet; walking up to the stones at Stonehenge; walking through the Stonehenge landscape and having to stop and empty my shoe regularly.


My field trip to Chichester

What do I remember from my last ever undergraduate trip? I remember the six of us climbing onto a 30 seater coach; stroking a tiny brown lamb that had been brought out for us to say hello to; swallows flying all around us as we walked around Butsers Ancient farm. I remember us walking through Chichester, and then being asked if we could find our way back (we couldn’t); going as one group to get pasties and potato wedges for lunch. I remember sitting outside Chichester cathedral in the sun eating lunch all together. I remember walking around Portchester castle, and then exploring all the rooms as I didn’t want to climb to the top.


My field trip to Porchtester Castle

I remember being out with good friends, going to amazing places, and having a fantastic time. And while it is sad that I will never get to go on field trips like those again, I am looking forward to what my Master’s degree will bring. And those little things that have nothing to do with archaeology? I will remember and treasure those for a long time to come.

By Amy Potts

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