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BSc (Hons) Sports Management (Golf) student Kasia Selwent was one out of three BU Sport & Physical Activity Level I students to benefit from the wonderful study opportunity at our German partner university SRH Heidelberg in 2014/15. She will even be back in late 2015 to work at the Solheim Cup, a very significant international golf event. She told us about her time in Heidelberg…

Heidelburg-300x226“I have decided to come to Heidelberg (Germany) for a student exchange programme for a couple of reasons. Funnily I wanted to be closer to my home, friends and family, as I am a foreign student at Bournemouth University and felt homesick sometimes. Originally I am from Poland, my hometown is close to the German border, therefore I thought moving to Germany would be a perfect solution. I also love to experience new cultures, discover new places, and get to know people with international backgrounds. Lastly I am a golfer and Heidelberg is well known for one of the best golf courses and facilities across Germany. Combining all of the above Heidelberg seemed to be a right place to be for me. And it certainly was.

I can easily say that the last 6 months were some of the best in my life. I have made some amazing friendships, widening the group of my international friends. I have learned so much about different cultures, tolerance and doing business worldwide. As a European citizen I am happy to say that I finally have a good knowledge about the European Union, its rules, laws and advantages of being a part of it. Also I feel proud to say that I am a European with no divisions, barriers and inequality between members’ countries. I am satisfied with the programme we covered at SRH Hochschule and I have gained a lot of useful and practical knowledge during the International Business course. However I appreciate much more knowledge gained from other students and professors’ experiences. Books are an amazing educational tool, but I know now that experiencing things by yourself is the best possible way to learn and acquire the most important life skills.

I was lucky to have an amazing group of people around me during my student exchange, both German and international students. I can definitely say that I will stay in touch with some of them for a long time. SRH Hochschule’s staff were taking care of us for the whole time making the most of our time here in Heidelberg. Additionally the city of Heidelberg is one of the most beautiful places I have ever been to. The atmosphere of an old town mixed with a typical student town makes the place really special. Beautiful, historical architecture combined with fabulous landscapes is what describes Heidelberg the best.

I had a chance to play and practise at one of the most wonderful golf courses in Europe and for me as a golfer it was a really important aspect. What is more I am coming back to Heidelberg in September to volunteer at one of the biggest world golf events Solheim Cup (Ladies’ Ryder Cup), which I am really excited about.

In the end I was barely visiting my home country and homesickness disappeared completely while being in Heidelberg. Now I know it is all about people and the ERASMUS programme is one of the best opportunities to meet some amazing personalities and make friends for life.

If anyone asked me if it is worth going on a student exchange programme my answer would be: there is no better gift you could give yourself during your studying. I am not sure how it is in different places, but I can certainly say that anyone who comes to spend a semester here in Heidelberg will fall in love with this place within a couple of days.”

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