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Gemma-JewellThere are many benefits of being a student – the freedom, the social life, the new friends – but there is also one other big benefit and that’s student discount!

When you decide to come to university you may think the financial side of being a student is going to be a struggle. However, many businesses have adapted to give students discount wherever they can!

When I decided to come to Bournemouth I started looking into student bank accounts. There are many around and I went with Santander as they give you a £1,500 overdraft (a life saver as a student) and also a free 16-25 rail card! I’d recommend that all students get a 16-25 rail card; when you’re travelling back and forth from home it’s the biggest help as you get a third off rail journeys.

I also got a NUS Extra card, which allows me to get discounts in loads of shops such as New Look and Miss Selfridge – so I don’t feel so guilty when I decide to buy a new outfit! Other companies have also added their own little perks; McDonalds gives you a free cheeseburger or McFlurry with every meal and Spotify gives students 50% off! There are also websites such as UniDays that share exclusive offers for students.

Finally, I can’t end without mentioning cheap drinks. Any town with a university will have bars and clubs around that will cater for the students and therefore will hold discounted nights. Coming from London, where it’s hard to get a drink for less than £5 I was shocked but happy to see how much change I got at a bar. Bournemouth has a great nightlife so the cheap drinks are definitely a bonus!

So don’t forget to carry your student card and start enjoying the endless amounts of discounts.

By Gemma Jewell

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