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You’ve been asking a lot of questions about accommodation this week, so here are some answers…

1. I haven’t received my log-in details, will I miss out?

Our accommodation portal is open from 26 May for eligible unconditional/firm or conditional/firm students to register their interest in BU accommodation. Please don’t worry, as you have until mid-June to complete this stage in order to be able to book accommodation in the first release – there’s no rush! The log-in details will be sent out between 26-29 May and then on a weekly basis. You should expect to receive your login details within 2 weeks if you went firm on UCAS after 26 May. Please click here for more details.

2. Is the deposit part of the first month’s rent and how is rent paid?

No, the deposit is very much as you would pay a deposit on rented accommodation and returned to you at the end of your stay in halls of residence.  Rent is paid in three termly instalments.  For further details you can visit our accommodation web page. You’ll notice some BU accommodation providers ask for a higher fee when you book in Stage 2, this is because they ask for a deposit AND the first month’s rent to confirm your booking. The majority will just ask for the deposit to secure your room though.

3. I can’t pay the deposit for my accommodation, could BU provide financial support with this?

You’ll need to locate the money to pay your deposit, but once you’ve enrolled on the course there are a variety of financial support options through BU.  For more details, please click here.

4. I need to arrange coming down to Bournemouth, what date am I able to move into my accommodation?

Your move in date will depend on the accommodation you are moving into, but you will be allocated a time slot the weekend of 19/20 September.

5. I am away from home on my gap year at the moment, can my parents start the accommodation process?  

Please don’t worry, you can allow someone else to access your emails and book by proxy. You will need to tell your allocated person the login details of the email account you have been using so they can access your emails.


If there’s anything else you’d like to know, leave us a message!

2 Responses to “Your top questions: accommodation special!”

    • kdanceydowns

      Hi Michelle,

      It’s quite a large proportion of first years that live in halls, although many also live in Unilet properties or find a house to share in the local area.
      Just so you know, this is an old post so some of the information might not be correct for this year. We’ll be sending out some more information soon, so watch this space!



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