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I’m well into my 3rd year studying Archaeology and I am loving it. Studying BSc Archaeology at BU has been great fun and provided me with lots of opportunities from learning in the classroom to more hands on experiences with field trips and placements. Visits have included trips to see nearby sites such as Badbury Rings, Maiden Castle Hill Fort, Maumbury Rings, Bronkham Hill Barrow Cemetery and Eggardon Hillfort, though, being England, the weather has been questionable. The good thing about Bournemouth is the hands on learning opportunities offered to us. By the end of your time at Bournemouth you will have a minimum 10 weeks of experience, at least five of which are in excavation via the university run field school Durotriges Big Dig and the other from placements.

Also available to all students of the faculty are the facilities and equipment. Bournemouth provides great facilities including the laboratories available for units such as Human Osteology and Applied Anthropology and is one of the best equipped universities in the UK. We are provided with lots of opportunities to learn and use the equipment both within units and in the field such as during the Big Dig.

The staff at Bournemouth are friendly and we are provided with chances to work closely with them on projects of theirs, as research assistants or just within university units.

Life at Bournemouth hasn’t just been about learning though and has provided great opportunities for social fun from society organised events to nights out with fellow archaeologists. Archaeologists as a group of people like to have fun as the photo below of the Archaeology Society recruitment at Freshers’ week shows. Within the society we have had many organised events such as guest speakers and field trips but also fun events such as the Archaeology Society Christmas Party. One thing I have learnt at Bournemouth is that archaeologists know how to have fun!

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By Emily Nickerson

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