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alice-whiteWhile I was studying Journalism BA at Bournemouth University I never ever considered going on to do a postgraduate course. In my naïve young mind I thought I would graduate, become a news anchor on Channel 4 News, retire a millionaire at forty and that would be that.

Very quickly after graduating (in the midst of the global financial crisis) I realized that it wasn’t as easy as jumping straight to the top. And that turned out to be a really good thing. For four years after graduating I worked for a small online magazine. There were days that I loved the job and days that I hated it, but I now realize that I needed those years to discover what it really was that I was passionate about.It wasn’t a conscious thing. I didn’t sit there each day and think, “Hmm, what do I care about?” It emerged naturally. Making videos and short films was the one thing I always seemed to have time to do. It never felt like work, it only ever felt like fun. This is want I want to do with my life. *Light bulb moment*

Now that I’m on the course, I can say that the MA feels entirely different to the BA; perhaps it’s the course structure, or a difference in my own mindset, or both, but it’s a much more mature, self-motivating kind of learning environment.

At first I was worried that – being an inherently lazy person – I would sink, but the passion my course mates and I have for filmmaking has meant that every moment (bar a couple of stressful all-nighters) has been enjoyable.

I often remind myself that it’s only for 12 months – sometimes to get me through that all-nighter, but mostly to remind myself that I need to seize every opportunity that the MA brings. I am lucky enough to be surrounded by brilliantly talented students and staff who are all equally passionate about the subject in a way that goes beyond what I ever experienced on the BA.

If you’re considering doing a postgraduate course then that is fantastic, and if you’re not then that is also fantastic. If you don’t know what you want then that’s ok too. I had to work to discover what I don’t want to do as much as what I do want to do.

By Alice White

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