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alice-whiteWhen I returned to Bournemouth University I knew two things: I wanted to work as hard as I could, and I wanted to join the student union as a course rep.

After graduating from my BA in 2010, I felt that I skirted around the true university experience – I hadn’t joined any clubs or societies, I hadn’t taken part in any sporting or fundraising events, and I certainly hadn’t left a mark or made a difference. Yes, I had a degree, but university is so much more than just a certificate.

It’s now December 2014 and I have been a course rep since September. Being a part of the Students’ Union of Bournemouth University is great (not just for the free purple hoodie!), and it has allowed me to be much more of an integral part of the way the university’s MA Media Framework is run, as well as be a go-to person for anyone on my course who may be experiencing issues with the course; it doesn’t happen often, but I’m glad to be able to help, or pass on their feedback to someone who can.
As well as the Education Council, which mainly deals with the courses at the university, SUBU also has the Welfare, Activities and Lansdowne Councils.The Lansdowne Council represents the second Bournemouth University campus, which is located in the centre of town.The Welfare concerns itself with making sure that students at Bournemouth University are happy and enjoying uni life – that they feel supported and represented. If you need to talk to someone, SUBU have their own offices in the centre of the Talbot Campus (above Dylan’s bar) and they can help you with any academic, money, housing and personal issues you might be having.

The Activities Council co-ordinates all of the clubs and societies, of which there are about 100! There are some serious clubs, and some not-so-serious ones, and they range from the Amnesty International Society to the Whovian Society, the American Football Club to the Disney Society. If none of them take your fancy, you can start your own!sheep

SUBU is also responsible for organizing some of the most epic events of the university year, such as RAG days and the Summer Ball, which is a large festival-like event that pulls in 7,000 students in fancy dress and some big name performers, such as Rudimental and Everything Everything. I’ve previously gone dressed as a sheep by covering myself in cotton wool, which ended up being a very…warm… choice.

If you’re coming to Bournemouth University, I wholly recommend that you have a look at everything SUBU can offer you. Whether you want to have some fun, get sporty, or just know that there’s a support network if you find things tough, SUBU will have something for you. And I definitely recommend becoming a student rep – it’s the best way to make friends with everyone on your course.

By Alice White