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Adam Khan and Andy Wade tell us how a Paramedic Science Foundation degree has taken them from BU to the Maldives.paramedics boat

You might think that the role of a Paramedic involves tearing round in noisy yellow trucks attending car accidents and dealing with traumatic situations. Although this is the case from time – to – time, the frequency of these ‘chaotic’ jobs is much less than you might think. Recently our role has become far more complex and in our opinion interesting and rewarding. Typically we work 12 hour shifts and in that time we can be sent to absolutely anything. From cardiac arrest to child birth, the homeless to multimillionaires. As Paramedics we are required to deal with an enormous range of ailments and injuries on a daily basis. Although many of you with no medical background may see this as a daunting prospect, neither Andy nor I had any medical experience before taking on the course. So fear not, if we can do it then I’m sure you can.

Paramedics beachAndy and I are both graduates from Bournemouth University Paramedic Science foundation degree. We both met during our studies at BU and were lucky enough to be offered jobs locally, myself as a Paramedic in Wimborne, Andy working as a paramedic in Poole.

BU runs a comprehensive educational system for individuals who have ‘what it takes’ to be Paramedics. The training is tough but thorough and you can expect to spend a large proportion of your time at university actually out on the road gaining experience on the ‘front line’. I won’t lie, the job isn’t always a walk in the park and throws up challenging situations both mentally and physically, however the ambulance service is a close knit family and we are all here for one another during more trying times.

More recently, along with other local paramedics, we have established a charitable initiative aimed at providing emergency medical support and training to remote communities globally. In the short time we have been established we have already set up projects in the Maldives and Nepal and travel to these countries twice a year to assist with education and medical assistance. We’re also hoping to branch out to Thailand soon.paramedics school

The reason I’m telling you all this? Well, it shows you the vast array of avenues you can explore once qualified. Whether it’s remote medicine, Rig and Offshore Medicine, urgent or critical care, training or charity, this valuable qualification will stand you in excellent stead for the future whatever it is you may want to do.

What advice do we have for anyone interested in working for the ambulance service? Take a few minutes to complete the application form and apply for a place at Bournemouth University. We can assure you that if you are passionate, committed and caring enough, this job can and will change your life.

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Want to follow in Andy and Adam’s footsteps? Although we no longer offer a Paramedic Science Foundation degree, you can find out about our BSc Hons Paramedic Science degree.

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