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BA (Hons) Multimedia Journalism

By Alice Fiancet

1st year BU student, BA (Hons) Multimedia Journalism

One of the big things about moving away from home is that you find yourself living with people you don’t know, and that can be scary, but I have the guide to get you through.

Tips to get along with your flat mates

  1. Try and remember everyone’s name but if  don’t worry if you can’t, you can always ask again and you can just address them when you are alone or talking directly to each other
  2. Be reasonable, if one of your flat mates is less up for going out then try not to keep them awake all night with your antics
  3. But also, if you are more likely to retreat into yourself, socialise with your flat mates because that is really the only way you will get to know them
  4. Add your flat mates on Facebook and get their numbers as soon as you can asit makes contacting them a lot easier if you have a problem or you get lost when out and about
  5. Try and do things other than just drinking together, even if it is just going to the Freshers Fair or spending the afternoon at the beach, it could be the thing that makes you bond with each other
  6. Don’t worry, everyone is in the same boat so don’t be scared about it, it’s an experience worth having!

Okay, everything I say may not work but it might help you a little bit. As a rule though (and I know many who stand by this) once you have seen someone feeling as insecure (or drunk!)  there is no tension between anyone in the flat because you are all in the same situation (insane hangover).

I was very lucky and ended up living with 5 great people who I got on with brilliantly(even though I couldnt remember Idris name for a good week). Don’t worry if you are not as lucky though, you’ll meet lots of people from your course, sports classes and SUBU clubs and societies – and it’s just one year. After that you can choose who you live with.

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