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By Sagar Srivastava

Current BU student, MA Directing Digital Film and Television


My name is Sagar Srivastava. I am from India, born in the holy Hindu city of Varanasi, and grew up mostly in Mumbai (which I prefer to call as Bombay). I am a MA Directing student, and I am doing this course as I love anything and everything related to movies. Other than that, I am a cartographer (making maps, both geographical and historical), a passionate numismatic (collecting coins) and a sort-of painter. Also, before coming to BU, i served around 1 year in a software company in a multi-national French software company called as Capgemini Bangalore (in India), and was designated a post of software engineer. But it wasn’t exactly what I wanted to do, so I left a sound salary job and came here to pursue my career in film-making. Till now, I have made one documentary and five short films, two of them which are outside university projects.

My experience in the Media School at BU has been incredible, as I learnt the basics of film-making here from scratch. The library material for studies in terms of camera shots, basics of directing, story board making and similar things related to films, are worth mentioning. The quality environment, and a very practical way of film-making technique is highly equipped and boosts up the confidence of even a novice like me. Also, I would like to mention about my fellow course-mates, especially directors and editors, which I think are the best product any university can offer. There is creativity pumping in every student here, which makes it a very productive as well as healthy positive environment. I would be very sad leaving this course, but I highly recommend every film-making aspiring person to pursue this course.

Lastly, but not the least, I am experiencing the best part of my life here in BU at the moment.