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Studying in the UK for sure is totally different from the comfort zone that you have back in your home country. Lying down on the sofa after class, chilling and waiting for nice homemade food from your mom, not any more. When you study aboard like in the UK It’s more challenging than you expect. That’s just a part of life that you have to face, you need to take more responsibility, manage your time properly between partying hard and studying.

At the beginning of the first semester it might be tough for international students who use English as a second language and for those who don’t have any work experience. It might be difficult to follow the topic in lecture and so you may have to read and search for many books after class to understand more in each topic before the next class, to help you feel at ease. The critical writing is another hard thing to study here. Anyway, it gets better and better, after you get your first score for an assignment you will know exactly what you have to do next, what style of book and journal would work to get a good score, what the best plan is to do work and meet deadlines and how critical you need to be in your next assignment.  

Throughout the year we always come up with something fun to do. International students always arrange dinners and hang out every Friday and Saturday night to relax and occasionally go wild before assignments take over. It is always a great night with international people that we know in class, who are in the same boat … missing home and needing enjoyment, needing travelling and new experience besides the academic stuff. Some guys who love sport arrange football matches on a Thursday and Friday to enjoy together.

It is a tough life compared to what you experience at home, but trust me it is well worth it for what you decide to study in the UK, so enjoy every moment you can before flying back home after graduation.