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Pelayo Lobo ContyFeeling that you have tons of books to read or too many assignments for one day is part of the reality about a day in the life of a MA Corporate Communication student. But don’t panic, it’s just getting used to it. Everything gets easier after meeting your classmates and realising that you are not the only one. In fact, this’ll be only an anecdote from your experience at BU. Once you’ve realised you’ve made the right decision about your course, you’ll find extra motivation and energy to cope with this.

Your idea of a boring kind of course and long-lasting lessons will probably disappear after learning while sharing a coffee with an expert on the Corporate Communication industry: your teacher. Yes, definitely, at BU what seems to be difficult becomes easier, and what terrifies you one day will make you feel confident the next one. You’re just learning, approaching to the real world of the sector.

Attending university is not only learning, but also getting to know great people and experience an exciting way of life. This may seem obvious but you’ll learn some basic skills for life: you’ll become more mature and responsible for yourself; or if you are a foreign student, like me, you’ll experience how different and thrilling it is starting a new life and settling in another country.

If you still haven’t decided … what are you waiting for? The best year of your life is here at Bournemouth Uni!