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What do the following words have in common–a voice for students, advice, fun events/activities, clubs and societies, and Nerve* Media? Students Union at Bournemouth University (aka SUBU) and you (plus the whole of your university career, of course).

[To be read in Morgan Freeman’s voice]
Here at BU, we like to give you options. Options to get involved, options to speak your mind and options to have fun. These options are possible because of the fabulous team behind SUBU. Become a Student Rep to be the voice of your peers. Get involved in the many clubs and societies that are offered to all students. If you need some advice, the SUBU Advice team is always there to help. Give back to the community through RAG (Raising and Giving). Showcase your many talents through Nerve* Media–the media platform by students, for students. Fancy a night out on the town? SUBU has you covered for that too. Weekly events ranging from a night of partying to comedy shows are sure to keep you entertained.

[Now back to normal voice…or not]
You may be wondering how SUBU has impacted my university career thus far. Well, I’ve utilized the expertise of SUBU Advice. And I can’t thank them enough for being such a strong support system. I’ve been the voice of my 2013-2014 cohort as part of the Student Rep purple army (we have some fab purple hoodies). I’ve also been fortunate enough tobe a part of the public relations (PR) team for Nerve* Media–an opportunity that is giving me real world experience. Who made it all possible? You guessed it, SUBU!

RAGVolunteeringNerve media

Just as SUBU has impacted my university career, I hope it impacts yours. My wise words to you: get out there, have some fun and get involved. If you want to change something, then speak up. SUBU is here to listen to you, the student body. Let SUBU help you make the most of your BU experience.

Ask not what SUBU can do for you, and ask what you can do for SUBU. Profound, isn’t it?