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I’m taking Msc Event Marketing. Now I’m in the second semester and it’s quite fun studying the core course, rather than the basic units in the last semester. Personally, I stay in a private flat with my Italian flatmate near Bournemouth square, but she isn’t a student. I found this place by searching on I decided not to stay in uni accommodation because by that time I’d never visited the place and wasn’t sure about the contract details. However, after I had started my course for a while and chatted with friends, I think if I could change my mind, I would absolutely stay in uni accommodation.


TawaeeneeI have friends who stay in Okeford, Chesil , Dorchester, Corfe House and Unilet houses and I realise that I have missed so many fun activities. For example, in Dorchester House, they give away free snacks and arrange games for students to enjoy! At Christmas and New Year, a “Lucky draw” was arranged for students who stay in Corfe House and last year someone was soooo lucky to get a FREE IPAD!! There aren’t as many activities in Okeford house, but it’s just a few minutes’ walk to the uni. Some of my friends have ran in pyjama to class when they’re late, without showering… I hope they brushed their teeth!


Staying close to your friends in the same or nearby accommodation when you are far away from home really helps you with “home-sickness”. Whenever you feel down, you can knock on your friend’s door anytime for someone to join and cheer you up with ice cream, or someone who can listen to you. It’s a great family feeling when you cook with friends and enjoy dinner with them after class, and yes it is cheaper than cooking alone. Some would say it’s annoying when you would like to focus on your work and people next door just party and go wild all night, leaving you to go to the library really early the next morning to do your homework. Personally I think it’s another good-weird-fun experience that you couldn’t have back in your countries.


Looking for accommodation that matches your lifestyle is really important. For myself, I kind of rushed into choosing accommodation and didn’t have enough information. But I would like to recommend for those who have a chance, to join an open day. It is a really good event for you to explore and get all information that you need. Although I didn’t join this event, I have the great opportunity to work in this event as a campus tour guide and I realise how useful it is in providing information and getting answers to questions. For example, which campus is close to uni? How are we going to get to uni? What is included in the accommodation cost? The location of each accommodation? And many more. If you can’t make an open day you can always ask your questions on the Facebook page.


The knowledge that you could get from a postgraduate course is not the only main point you should consider. Accommodation that matches your life style and people who surround you is also a big factor, this will be your second home until the day you graduate J. So study hard, Enjoy life, Make friends, Go wild and live young. Cheers xx!