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I love Chesil House so much that I signed another contract to live here longer after my first contract ended. I have lived in this student hall for one year and two months now. When I was looking for somewhere to live before I came to BU, there were two potential halls for me, Dorchester House and Chesil House, as both of them are located near Lansdowne Campus where I study. Chesil won because it perfectly suited my needs and wants.

First, it is a little bit closer to the town centre and the beach, where I mostly go when I have free time. Second, it offers a more reasonable price, or to make it simple, it is cheaper, as I am a student on a budget. Lastly, I prefer to live in a flat with flatmates rather than living alone in a studio room. Chesil offers flats for PG students while Dorchester only has PG studios.


For me, Chesil House is the perfect place to live while studying at BU. Here are my thoughts about Chesil House:


Of course, location is the primary factor when you are looking for accommodation. As I study at the Lansdowne Campus, I always get up half an hour before my lecture begins in the morning. It takes me only 5 minutes to walk from my flat to the EBC building. I even go home to cook for lunch and go back to lectures sometimes.

The best thing about Chesil House is it is very close to the Town Centre, only 10-15 minutes’ walk. There are many international restaurants, shops and nightclubs near my accommodation. I sometimes go jogging along the beach which is again 10 minutes away from my place. Downstairs is the Cooperative supermarket and Asda supermarket is just down the road. The train and coach station are next to Asda. So, I can just walk there to catch a train or a coach when I travel to other cities.


Rental fee

The reason why I chose Chesil not Dorchester was mainly about the rental fee. Chesil is a very reasonable price. As I do not need a big bed and big room, I am happy with my Chesil House. At Dorchester, you get a bigger room and bed, but it is a studio. And of course, it is more expensive.

Safety and security

Safety and security here is the best and it is 24/7. You need to use your key on about four doors before you reach your room. There are security staff who are very helpful throughout the night.

Have fun with flatmates

I am very glad that I chose to live in a flat with five flatmates. You have your own bedroom and bathroom but share the kitchen only. You can choose to live in a mixed, female or male flat. I chose female only and we get along very well. We cook, chat, eat, party and have fun together. They are all from different countries like Taiwan, China, Vietnam and Thailand. A funny thing is, my next-door flatmate is also my coursemate who I go to uni with every morning. And we became best friends! Who knows, you might make lifelong friends when you live in a flat like me.


Chesil House provides you a variety of great facilities. The common room is great for students to have a party and chill out with their friends. You can watch movies, play games or pool there. The laundry room is in the common room and there are enough laundry machines and dryers for all students.

Chesil collaborates with V-Plus membership. They often have fun events and trips for you. For example, sightseeing trips to other cities in the UK, trips to fun parks, BBQ parties, quiz nights, and movie nights. It is a very good way to make new friends and relax after studying hard.

Many memorable moments have happened while living at Chesil. I am glad that I live here and I will definitely miss my room, my time, and my friends when I go back to Thailand. I highly recommend Chesil House!


By Gam Prakaiwan