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By Natalie Smith

2nd Year BU Student, LLB (Hons) Law

The most important choice about university is picking the right one. The right university for your best friend might be your worst nightmare, and therefore your choice in university has to reflect you and what you want. But your choice shouldn’t just be based on league tables and hearsay, the best way to choose your perfect university is to go and visit.

When I came to Bournemouth (despite getting totally lost on my way!), I knew it was the right choice for me. The university itself was a bit smaller than some of the others which made it feel like I could be appreciated here more and would have an opportunity not to be overwhelmed. Its modern features also were a massive plus for me, especially the beautifully welcoming atrium where I had lunch and Costa Coffee with my mum when we first visited. The simplicity of the university was such a welcoming relief to me as I’m from a small town and not used to a busy lifestyle. A concern of mine when I first arrived was that the Talbot Campus was a bit far from town but with the university bus service, you can easily get between the Talbot Campus and Lansdowne Campus near the town center, and where many of the Halls of Residence and Uni-let accommodation are. The buses go everywhere you need them to go and the university does its absolute best to make sure they are affordable.

I loved Bournemouth from the start and I love the unique placement year that my course offers.

Choosing your university can’t just be about the university itself but the unique course they have to offer you. What’s possibly even more important than all the rest is extracurricular activities. Bournemouth University has so many amazing clubs and societies to get involved with which include a radio station and a ‘Raising and Giving’ organisation which organise lots of amazing fundraising events!

The best advice I can give you is choosing your university is about you and your needs. But remember you can always Be You at BU…

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