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By Natalie Smith

2nd year BU Student, LLB (Hons) Law

It’s safe to say one of the most important decisions when coming to university is choosing your accommodation; it’s your new home and a perfect place to make lasting friends. But a word of caution, it’s super important to be on the ball and ready to apply for accommodation when you get confirmation of your place on results day.

From personal experience I know even leaving it a few days could mean that you don’t get the accommodation you want, so to make the process less stressful just be organised. Whatever accommodation you end up in with BU will be full of potential friends, so going for big accommodation like Purbeck in the town centre means you have the opportunity to easily meet lots of new people and are close to lots of other student accommodation, as well as being close to the shops and clubs.

If university to you is about a quieter nightlife and more study, then the student village, which still allows you to have that opportunity to meet lots of new friends in the village, might be a better option for you. With the library close by and Dylans as the perfect setting for a quiet drink, the student village definitely has its perks, the best one is it allows you to be roll out of bed 15 minutes before a lecture and still be on time.


For some though, those options won’t be appealing and so a Unilet might be the best option. Like student village a Unilet will be a house, which for some is vital to make the place feel more like a home. It allows you the experience of living within the community in some great locations, close to town and university.

The choice should be entirely unique to you, and your accommodation in Bournemouth will be what you make it, so make the right choice for you! These are only a few of the modern and stylish accommodation that BU offers, and the most important advice I can give is, consider your options early and before the party starts on results day, apply for your accommodation!

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