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Have you heard about the starter kit?!

The starter kit is a nice little extra that you receive when you start university life at Bournemouth University! It offers new undergraduate students the choice of one of three starter kits to choose from. Whatever your personality, there is something for everyone. If you’re a homebody and like reading books and putting together a list or two, the university offers a £50 National book token. If you’re into fitness and want to get healthy you can choose the 3 month Sport BU membership . This trial period lets you see how often you use it and whether it’s worth paying for throughout the rest of the year. The gym offers a wide variety of equipment and it has the advantage of being at the Talbot Campus which means you can go right after you’ve finished your studies which is really handy! All my friends that used the trial have remained at the gym as they were very happy with it.

The third and final option (which I chose!) is the £50 voucher for your first week’s shop.   

At the time I really wanted to go and do my grocery shopping so I would have all the basics like milk, pasta, cereal and bread. BUT with my new friends I met in halls, we all decided to put our vouchers together to buy ciders, beers, soft drinks and snacks for social events and any impromptu pre-drinks that would end up being hosted at our flat. We ended up with a wall of ‘social drink and food’ so the starter kit certainly worked in our favour as a conversation starter and a way to get closer together as mates and to meet new people!

Getting the BU starter kit was very easy, all we had to do was wait for the email that contains the link to the form where you choose which starter kit you want alongside filling out some basic contact information and after a while the voucher code will be sent to you! In my case I received an ASDA card that had to be topped up using the code that I have been sent which was really easy to do as it had really clear instructions. I hope you enjoy the start of term people and don’t forget to use this invaluable voucher 🙂

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