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By Valjo Kutt, (Estonia)
1st year BU Student, BSc (Hons) Sports Management

Coming to university to study what interests you the most is a step that lots  of young people  around the world  think about. Having the opportunity to apply for five courses through the UK’s Universities and Colleges Admissions Service (UCAS) gives you the chance to have choices.

As an international student I did not have the opportunity financially to take part of the Open Days, so I chose my university mainly with my instinct,  the reputation of the course and thanks to the advice given by friends who were already studying in the UK.

So who did I choose? Bournemouth University.
Why? Because it just felt right from the beginning.
How am I feeling now? I couldn’t be more satisfied!

Since my first day it feels like my dream came true. Even though having a slight language barrier, it’s been  great as  an international student to find that everyone I’ve met here in Bournemouth is extremely friendly!

What is home for you? For me it is a place where you know that you are valued, where people do care about you and no matter what you do, someone is always there for you. It is exactly how I feel!

I had never heard anything about a Student’s Union before coming here and I thought that university life is only about studying. What I’ve learned is that it’s actually studying life through different experiences! I was really surprised, after realising in the mid-October that doesn’t matter where you’re from or how well do you speak the language, if you’re ambitious and willing to take on responsibilities,  Bournemouth University and the Student’s Union will always trust you and give you a chance.

In a short time I had become Student Representative for my course and a member of Bournemouth University Varsity Football team, which has given me extremely a lot when it comes to socialising. Also being a Student Ambassador and part of several clubs and societies really makes you feel that you are special.

Having done already so much and getting the experiences I never knew to wish for shows why Bournemouth University is one of the best and cosiest places for self development.

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