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What is SUBU?… SUBU is basically your voice as a student. Led by Elected Officers who are voted in each year the Union exists to represent you fairly and accurately. It also provides superb advice on a variety of areas which affect students, including academic issues, money, housing and personal problems.

Included are over 100 Clubs & Societies where you showcase talent, gain new skills, voice opinion or just meet some likeminded people. From Cheerleading to Boxing, Law to Vietnamese, there is truly something for everyone, even a Baking Society and who doesn’t love a bit of cake?!

SUBU also oversees Raising & Giving (aka RAG) which encourages students to volunteer their time, skills and ridiculous amounts of enthusiasm to raise money for good causes. Whether from its 5 Minute Volunteering initiative or individual Student Projects, volunteers gain valuable skills and experience for their CV while at the same time feeling all warm and fuzzy inside from helping the needy.

SUBU exists for students, is ran by students, and by its own admission is brilliant. Check out their fortnightly update at

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