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Hi, I’m Max and I work in our events team!

We organise a whole range of events throughout the year to help you get the best insight to BU as possible – and I love it! I know it can be hard trying to figure out which event is best for you so I’ve written this guide to help…

Undergraduate Open Days  

I recommend if… you’re considering making a late application for 2013 or interested in studying here from 2014

These are our largest events by far, and are for all students interested in an undergraduate course at BU. Usually held at weekends these are your chance to talk to staff and students and attend a wide schedule of talks so you can get an update on accommodation, fees and funding, our courses, student life and how to apply. You can also look around campus and take a bus tour of the local area which include pit-stops at some of our Halls of Residence.

Future dates:
Saturday 15th June 2013 | Saturday 21st September 2013 | Saturday 19th October 2013 Saturday 26th October 2013 | Saturday 16th November 2013

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Undergraduate Applicant Open Days

I recommend if… you’ve already applied for an undergraduate course, and have either been made an offer or invited for interview

These events vary depending on which course you have applied for – some will host interviews, review your portfolio of work or include assessment days, whilst others are designed to enhance the Undergraduate Open Day experience by providing you with the chance get more detailed course information. These are usually mid-week.

You’ll usually be invited by your course administrator in your offer letter or by email, and most events ask you to book using your UCAS student reference and date of birth – this means we will make it as easy as possible to provide you with a list of open day dates which are relevant to you.

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And finally…

Here are my top three tips to make the most of your time with us

1.    Come prepared… think about what’s important to you, bring a list of questions and talk to as many people as possible to make sure you get the answers you need – we’re here to help and want you to go away feeling happy that you’ve found out everything you wanted to
2.    Come with an open mind… choosing your university is about making sure you’re applying for the right course, but for many it’s also about the sort of experience you can expect so be sure to find out what activities you can get involved with – discovering what SUBU and sportBU can offer are a good starting point!
3.    Make the most of it… attend as many talks as possible (even the boring finance ones as they’ll help you get prepared), and why not stay for a night so you can get a better feel for the area.



P.S. If you can’t visit us, we may be visiting you!

In the UK: sign up to our Facebook page to stay in touch and find out if we are visiting an exhibition in your area!

In your country: we go to lots of exhibitions overseas to provide seminars, hold student interviews and give pre-departure briefings for new students so there are plenty of opportunities to meet us. You can find out more details on our Overseas Events pages.

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