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LLB (Hons) Law

By Patricia Obawole

1st year BU Student, LLB (Hons) Law

The beach, the sea, the ocean, whatever you make call it, we here at Bournemouth (or as we students name it B’mouth Town) love it. The beach here is one of those “coming of age” things that, if you attend the university, you must go to.

Imagine this, it’s a glorious day and the last rays of sunshine are departing from the beach. You are blessed with a sunset that seems as if there are a thousand splendid suns dotted around the sky. You look over to your side and you’re surrounded by friends/family or whoever you’ve decided to bring. Then, you look at your front and see the last lapse of waves ferociously beating against the lukewarm, white sand and out of the blue. . .the Baywatch cast beach bronzed, buffed and summer ready start running towards you?! Okay, the Baywatch crew was a slight over exaggeration by me, however, nothing else was. The beach here is stunning.

Being a Londoner means just “nipping” down the beach is a foreign thing to me. But no, I did not choose Bournemouth just because of the award winning beach *cough, cough.* However, now that I am here I might as well utilise it.

If there’s anything that you remember from this post it should be the “Things To Bring To The Beach Every Time You Come” list, this being:

1.      Sunglasses

Ray-bans, Gucci, or even Wilkinson’s brand! It doesn’t matter what type they are just make sure you have some. I’m guessing most of you know why this is an essential item to take. These little accessories can prove perfect if you want to do a little looking around the beach at the talent Bournemouth has to offer and being discreet about it. Oh yeah and they protect your eyes from the sun as well (who knew!) So make sure you have some.

2.      You’re Adventure Pants

Like Sainsbury’s says “Try something new today” that’s exactly the mind-set you need to come with to the beach. Wind-surfing, scuba-diving, kayaking, paragliding and the good ol’ swimming there’s something for everyone so make sure that you’re open to new things.

3.      Good ol’ Spade ‘n Bucket

Yes, we are university students and yes, we are mature young adults about to enter the real world of work, but come on, if there is anything that will release the inner child in all of us it’s going to be a bucket and spade. Enjoy it as much as you can!

4.      An Empty Stomach

An empty stomach you say? Yes, there’s nothing worse than going to the beach and smelling the aromas of exotic dishes up for sale and knowing that you can’t eat them because you’re stuffed. Try, try and try is what I always say.

5.      A Good Book

For those who wish to lounge around and soak up the rays, nothing beats being able to just lie in the sun whilst tucking in to one of your favourite novels. Relaxation at its peak

Well, there you have it, I can offer you but nothing more, enjoy your time at B’mouth Town.

Good Luck

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