Finances… I’m not really sure what I need to know !?!

I’m guessing most of you have heard about a little thing called Student Finance England? For those of you who haven’t it’s basically the government lending moneys to pay for aspects of your university life, including tuition fees, maintenance costs  and, if you qualify  maybe even a grant (all depending on your household income). So… Read more »

Placements: One step closer to the real world

So, apart from the *cough cough* award winning beach located right on the doorstep, one of the things that sold Bournemouth University for me was the fact that there was an opportunity for a 40-week placement (although it’s soon to be 30 weeks, which will give you that little bit more flexibility). This basically means… Read more »

A guide to A-level results day

I’ve always said there are two types of people when it comes to receiving results and A-Levels are no different. There are those who are really eager to rip off the proverbial plaster in one quick, swift motion and continually refresh the results page 30 minutes before they’re posted in the hope that by some… Read more »

The Student Development Award: What to do when you’ve done so much!

So there I was having just arrived at BU all wide-eyed and nervous and also excited. In the first couple of months of my course we often had people from different departments of the uni come and talk to us about the opportunities there were, but the one that stood out to me most was… Read more »

Course trips at BU

One of my favourite things to do is travel! I’m not really fussy where I’m going; it’s usually the excitement of going away from normality to a new environment that makes me want to go. You can only imagine the eagerness I had when I found out there was an opportunity to travel on my… Read more »

Patricia’s top ten things to do in Bournemouth

So you’re either an A-level or equivalent student who has never heard of Bournemouth and have no idea where it is, or you made the leap and have decided to put it as one of your choices of university, OR you could be anywhere between those two situations. Basically, whether you have heard about it… Read more »

Your university needs YOU…!!

By Patricia Obawole 2nd year BU Student, LLB (Hons) Law Okay, so student loans, they are basically these god-sent gifts from the government that makes life just that little bit easier when you move off to university. They help you through thick and thin and will somehow become your best friend. So it’s all fine and… Read more »