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LLB (Hons) Law

By Patricia Obawole

1st year BU Student, LLB (Hons) Law

We have all heard the saying ‘university is going to be the best days of your life’, which is true. However most graduates (and even students who haven’t completed their degrees) will say there are things they wish they had known right at the start when they were Freshers ready to explore the rite of passage otherwise known as University.

So, in order for you to fully embrace your time here at BU, allow me to share some retrospective insights which we all “wish we had known!”

1.    I wish I had known. . .To apply for Accommodation as soon as possible!

If you don’t remember anything else that I write in this blog please remember this: as soon as you receive your results in August and you have fulfilled the necessary criteria for your course here at BU and they have accepted you, APPLY FOR ACCOMMODATION. This means you have a higher chance of getting your first choice accommodation. Let’s face it with everyone applying for BU accommodation at the same time, there is only one thing to liken it to: A Battle field. So get in first!!

2.    I wish I had known. . .To go to Fresher’s Fair

Freshers fair is probably the best thing that Bournemouth has to offer. FREEBIE GALORE! It’s great, you have a chance to sign up for the different clubs and societies and get to meet new people. Oh, and did I mention how much free stuff they give out, if that’s not an incentive to go then I don’t know what is. Try not to miss it!

3.    I wish I had known. . .How To Cook

Cooking, it seems so easy, you know, when you’re watching Master Chef, Saturday Morning Kitchen or even Come Dine With Me, they make it look like you just have to follow the steps and then you’ll end up with a Michelin star dish, right? WRONG! Cooking can prove difficult at times, however, as I am sure many of you have guessed, one must eat! So, get practising on you’re cooking skills now, so you’re not at a disadvantage when you get to uni.

4.    I wish I had known. . .How To Write Notes

Note-taking at uni is a given because of this, it is also invaluable. The ability to pick out what you need to know is essential, and although they may not make sense to anyone else, as long as they make sense to you then you’re doing it right.

5.    I wish I had known. . .That You Won’t Be Friends With Everyone

You can’t be everyone’s cup of tea and you may not be friends with everyone you meet at uni. However, this should not be a deterrent from making life-long friends. There will be some you’ll keep in contact with for the rest of your life and others you won’t.

That’s all folks, maybe with this in your mind you may learn some things at the start of uni rather than the end.

Good luck

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