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LLB (Hons) Law

By Patricia Obawole

1st year BU Student, LLB (Hons) Law

Choosing clothes.Pre-drinks.Going out.Taxi’s. Coming back. I suppose nightlife is part and parcel of being at university and it’s what most students look forward to. FRESHERS! A week of tangling with the people you have just met, trying to remember which flat and door is yours and finding out which night clubs are good on which days of the week. Well, I can’t help you on the first two situations but I can share some advice on which clubs to go to on different days. If there’s one thing you’ll get good at whilst in Bournemouth it’ll be finding out when the best student night are in each of the bars and clubs. One thing I can assure you of is that Bournemouth is a very student orientated town and most of the clubs/bars do have student nights (because let’s face it, no one really wants to be in the club/bar when it’s all middle aged folks!) But before you get here take a look at this list.

Monday – Vodka Revolution’s. A plush bar and restaurant that transforms into a club after hours.

Tuesday – Bournemouth University Students’ Union has its very own night club “The Old Fire Station”. Situated on one of the main roads in town, it’s very hard to miss. On Tuesday, feel free to pop in to “Milk!” a night of indie/rock music with inexpensive drinks!

Wednesday – Stay in, I’m sure you have work to do!

Thursday – Lola Lo, my personal favourite. Located right in the middle of town it’s another one that’s very difficult to miss. This student night is one that should not be missed!

Friday – Once again feel free to go to “The Old Fire Station’s” very own “Lollipop” but this time with pop/R’n’B music

“How on earth am I going to pay for all these nights out?!” Said no student ever! But don’t forget about budgeting. On a typical night, you’re going to have to spend money (the real task here is trying not to spend your entire student loan). Think about what you’re going to wear, how are you going to get there and back, how much is pre-drinks going to cost and don’t forget buying tickets/entry fares. I know, I’ve done it again, made something that is supposed to be fun, be boring, but I have to so you don’t get any surprises during the night. Here’s a breakdown for an average night at say. . . Lollipop at “The Old Fire Station”:

Clothes – Right, remember everything is on a budget, so I’m thinking a retail store that’s not too expensive, New Look for instance £20
Taxi’s (Getting there and back) – It’s “The Old Fire Station” practically walking distance from the halls in town £0
Pre-drinks – Make sure that you’re not too intoxicated before you club otherwise you might not get in! £6 (a bottle of wine?)
Entry fare – since it’s “The Old Fire Station” it’s not too expensive if you buy the tickets prior to being on the door £3
Drinks at the club – £1.50 you can’t really go wrong with them £8

Yes, this does seem a lot to spend on one night, but there are tips to cut this down. Such as: not buying a new outfit for every night, mix and match! ALWAYS buy ticket prior to getting there, tickets on the door are usually more expensive, so you can save a few pennies by ordering before.

If you’re going to “The Old Fire Station” then walk there, this saves money being spent on taxi’s which, if not used carefully may end up costing a small fortune by the end of the year.

So, there you have it folks, where to spend, how to spend and what to spend it on. Hope this helps

Good luck!

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