Studying in the UK vs Bulgaria

MSc Tourism Management and Marketing student, Martina Gardeva, shares her experience with studying in the UK and how it compares with studying in her country, Bulgaria. When coming to the UK to study, some of your biggest concerns might be if you are going to be able to cope with the demanding study environment, and… Read more »

What I love about my course

I am currently studying MSc Tourism Management and Marketing at BU and the reason I choose BU to do it among other universities is because of its fame regarding tourism studies. The lecturers really know what are they doing here as most of them have long professional experience apart from academic. The units that are… Read more »

Investing in my future

“Life begins at the end of your comfort zone” I am Martina Gardeva from Bulgaria studying a Master’s in Tourism Management and Marketing here at BU since September 2017. Exactly a year ago, I was in my final year of studies at a Bulgarian university when I started to think about my future and the… Read more »

Funding Options in the USA

I am Charlotte Tuohy from the United States of America and I am currently studying a Master’s in Tourism Management and Marketing. Deciding to study in the UK is an exciting stage of planning and research, but there is one key aspect always present in students’ minds – how to pay for it. When I… Read more »

From BU to Tokyo: the world of beer tourism

Maiko Iizuka, an MSc Tourism Management graduate from Tokyo, tells us about her time at BU and where it has led… I used to work for a travel agent in Tokyo before coming to BU. By working at a travel agent, I got interested in studying Tourism Management and Marketing at university, so that I… Read more »