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University seminar room

I am currently studying MSc Tourism Management and Marketing at BU and the reason I choose BU to do it among other universities is because of its fame regarding tourism studies. The lecturers really know what are they doing here as most of them have long professional experience apart from academic. The units that are included are really interesting and what I love is that we talk a lot about contemporary issues of tourism during lectures and a lot about technologic impacts on tourism, which I’m highly interested in.

What is amazing is that there are no exams. Exactly! Absolutely no exams. Every unit is assessed by personal or group assignments, which I believe is actually better as you get deeper into the topic you’re studying. Alright, sometimes assignments might be a bit intimidating, but I believe they’re 100% better than exams.

Apart from lectures and seminars, occasionally there are field trips that the university organises. Notably, I can remember of the visits to the Virgin Atlantic headquarters in Gatwick and the World Travel Market in London.

Lond Excel Exhibition Centre

   At the same time, while BU is that strong on tourism studies, it often organises conferences on tourism and hospitality where you can listen to more people from the industry that don’t belong to our uni.

I strongly believe that as what I’m actually studying is really contemporary, that gives me a real advantage regarding employability after my graduation. However, for the time being I enjoy my time in Bournemouth, which is a great place to study.

John Chatzidakis
MSc Tourism Management and Marketing

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