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This is a guest blog from Kamonpa Wangkuanklang, who studied MSc Tourism Management. Kamonpa reflects on her time at BU and the things she had the opportunity to experience during her studies. 

A year at BU was very wonderful for me! I was a student in MSc Tourism Management 2017/2018. It was the right choice to study here. As a Master’s student, the course was intensive, and many assignments need to be handed in, however, this let me learn how to prepare myself and plan ahead to be able to finish all that I have to do.

The lecturers and staff were very helpful and friendly, they gave me advice and encouragement. I always thank them for their kindness. At the same time, not just sitting in the classroom, the university also offered students many field trips and seminars, so my classmates and I have travelled to many popular tourist attractions such as Swanage Railway and Jurassic Coast, as well as attended several useful seminars, such as Tourism and Hospitality Fusion Conference 2018 and CHME 2018. I think this is very important to see what tourism really is, and also to hear from other academics and professionals in the seminars, so the students can utilise what they learn in class and vice versa.

Another benefit is the town where the university located is: Bournemouth. This town is very famous for its long sandy beach. During the summer, many people come and have a BBQ, also the Air Show attracts lots of tourists. What a good time to study tourism in a tourist-friendly environment.

I had lots of wonderful experiences during this year, so I recommend MSc Tourism Management at Bournemouth University to those who are interested. You will have a great time here surely.

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