Sean Beer

Bournemouth University Food and Drink expert Dr Sean Beer ahead of the wave

Bournemouth University Food and Drink expert Dr Sean Beer ahead of the wave At Bournemouth University Department of Tourism and Hospitality we like to think that we are at the cutting edge of developments in tourism and hospitality.  So it was no surprise to our own Mad Hatter (aka Dr Sean Beer pictured in character)… Read more »

Dr Sean Beer is awarded his PhD and receives the Vice Chancellor’s Post Graduate Research Prize

Wednesday 9th November was a great day for the Department of Tourism and Hospitality as we celebrated the graduation of our latest cohort of students.  Amongst the throng was a face that was familiar to many for this year Sean, now Dr Sean Beer was awarded his PhD.  The study upon which it was based… Read more »

It’s February.. and Cafe Scientifique is back! Sean Beer: Is eating local better?

Our very own Sean Beer, from the School of Tourism will be identifying whether there is a growing trend within the food industry for locally sourced foods as this is seen as being more environmentally sustainable. Come to Cafe Scientifique to find out whether producing everything locally is better for the environment. Can locally produced… Read more »

Senior Lecturer Sean Beer interviewed regarding the horse meat scandal

  Yesterday, School of Tourism Senior Lecturer, Sean Beer commented on the horse meat burger story. “I suppose that what surprises me about the revelation that horse DNA has been found in burgers …in the UK is that people are surprised. But then most people don’t know anything about the food that they consume, and… Read more »