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Department of Tourism & Hospitality staff

We are very proud of our staff and their expertise, specialisation and research ourcomes.

Head of Department of Tourism & Hospitality

Professor Dimitrios Buhalis – Marketing and technology; strategy; tourism management and marketing; information communication technology; E-tourism; smart tourism; SOCOMO marketing (social media context and mobile marketing); augmented reality; experience management and personalisation; reputation and social media strategies; accessible and special diet (alergens) tourism

Department staff

  • Dr Philip Alford, Senior Lecturer – E-marketing; marketing; innovation and entrepreneurial marketing; global distribution systems; small and medium enterprises
  • Dr Sean Beer, Senior Lecturer in Agriculture – Food and drink culture and gastronomy; local food; food supply chains; authenticity; agriculture; sustainability; ethics, both in general and with specific reference to research; qualitative research in particular phenomenology; philosophy
  • Dr Avital Biran, Senior Lecturer in Tourism Management – Tourist behaviour and experience; heritage and dark tourism; gender issues in tourism academia and industry; wellbeing of tourists, local communities and employees sexual harassment; tourist emotions; reconnection through tourism
  • Professor Adam Blake, Professor of Economics & Econometrics – Tourism economics; impact analysis; tourism development; developing economies; poverty; impact of events; tourism expenditure; CGE modelling
  • Dr Lorraine Brown, Associate Professor – International education; culture contact; food and culture; tourism; identity and transformation; authenticity; literary tourism; tourism and memorials; qualitative research methods
  • Dr Stephen Calver, Reader – Marketing; surveys; quantitative research; statistical analysis
  • Dr Shuang Cang, Principal Academic in Statistics & Quantitative Analysis – Tourism demand forecasting and impact study; wellbeing and healthcare; quantitative analysis; statistics and pattern recognition/data mining
  • Dr Anya Chapman, Senior Lecturer in Tourism Management – Coastal tourism; tourism employment; destination regeneration; tourism attraction management; tourist behaviour and misbehaviour
  • Dr Susanna Curtin, Senior Lecturer – Nature-based and eco-tourism; wildlife tourism; consumer behaviour; animals and tourism; conservation volunteering and tourism
  • Morris D’Cruz, Associate Lecturer – Hospitality management; financial appreciation for hospitality non-financial managers; management decision making
  • Dr Jonathan Edwards, Reader – Tourism and religion
  • Crispin Farbrother, Senior Lecturer in Hospitality Management – Hospitality education; hospitality operations; food and beverage management; special diet (vegetarianism); sustainability; food services management; hospitality facilities management; couch surfing; sharing economy; professionalism
  • Dr Viachaslau Filimonau, Senior Lecturer in Hospitality Management – Sustainable tourism; transport and tourism
  • Dr Tim Gale, Senior Lecturer in Tourism Management – Tourism planning and development; coastal and marine tourism; ‘new’ tourism spaces and places (urban beaches, immersive events, etc); virtual travel; mobilities and migration; place promotion; foresight and futures studies; tourism education/pedagogy
  • Professor Heather Hartwell – Food; nutrition; eating behaviour; public health; food service system; hospital food service; provision of food and menu choice in healthcare; medical tourism; wellness tourism
  • Philippa Hudson, Senior Lecturer – Food safety; food microbiology; food security and insecurity; future of food
  • Professor Adele Ladkin, Professor in Tourism Employment – Tourism labour; hospitality labour; tourism and hospitality work and employment; work-based wellbeing; work-life balance; mobile working; migrant workers; education; travel and family; tourist experiences; co-creation and technology; information communication technology; human resource management (education, career development and leadership); qualitative methodologies
  • Dr Duncan Light, Senior Lecturer – Heritage tourism; dark tourism; the politics of tourism; tourism geography; tourism in Romania (in both communist and post-communist contexts); Dracula tourism; central and eastern Europe
  • Dr Philip Long, Senior Principal Academic – Festivals, cultural events and their tourism dimensions; connections between creative industries and tourism; diaspora communities, social exclusion and tourism; relationships between tourism, alcohol and public health
  • Dr Yeganeh Morakabati, Principal Academic – Consumer attitude to risks; effect of terrorism; tourism development; crisis management; quantitative methods
  • Dr Barbara Neuhofer, Lecturer – Marketing and technology; strategy; tourism management and marketing; information communication technology; E-tourism; smart tourism SOCOMO marketing (social media context and mobile marketing); augmented reality; reputation and social media strategies; co-creation
  • Dr Hanaa Osman, Senior Lecturer – Hospitality marketing; hospitality education; emotional intelligence of educators; emotional intelligence of tourists; tourism in Islamic destinations
  • Professor Stephen Page, Deputy Dean (Research & Professional Practice) – Tourism and transport; tourism geography; tourism and security; tourism policy
  • Steve Richards, Senior Lecturer in Tourism & Leisure Management – Tourism development; destination competitiveness; visitor attraction management; tourism futures; market appraisals; impact studies
  • Derek Robbins, Senior Lecturer – Transport and tourism; sustainability; slow tourism; airport policy; cruise shipping; climate change – strategies for mitigation and adaption; whole life carbon costing
  • Dr Philip Ryland, Associate Dean Student Experience – Environmental interpretation; wildlife and ecotourism; garden and landscape: design and management
  • Dr Neelu Seetaram, Principal Academic in Tourism Management – Tourism and airline economics; demand modelling; tourism taxation; impact analysis; development; poverty; SIDS; tourism expenditure; destination competitiveness; tourism and migration; quantitative and qualitative research; regression analysis
  • Simon Thomas, Senior Lecturer in Human Resource Management & Personal Development – Human capital development; strategic change management; organisational behaviour; business consultancy; hospitality management
  • Professor Roger Vaughan, Professor of Tourism Economics – Tourism development; tourism and religion; social networks and tourism businesses
  • Dr Giampaolo Viglia, Senior Lecturer in Hospitality Management – Revenue management in hospitality; online reputation; pricing; hotel reviews; competition; consumer decision making; interactive marketing; quantitative research; experimental methods; conjoint analysis; panel data; regressions; discrete choice models
  • Richard Ward, Lecturer in Hospitality Management – Food and drink; young people, culture and behaviour; drinking habits of young people; hospitality education; hospitality management; food safety