New article: The female tourist experience in Egypt as an Islamic destination

New article: Brown, L., Osman, H., 2017, The female tourist experience in Egypt as an Islamic destination, Annals of Tourism Research, Volume 63, pp.12–22

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Abstract : In Islamic destinations female tourists face the added challenge of negotiating their way through male constructed local norms. This paper fills the gap in gender and tourism research with a focus on female tourists’ experiences in Egypt as an Islamic destination, outlining the diverse ways in which gender shapes and influences their experiences. A qualitative approach was taken to explore women’s coping strategies with the male sexualised gaze that they encountered during their holiday in Egypt, and sheds light on measures taken towards safeguarding themselves. Their experiences were highly influenced and often involuntarily altered by unwanted male attention and sexual harassment, as the women felt the need to fit into local female norms of behaviour in order to safeguard themselves.

Keywords Female touristsGenderEgyptIslamSexual harassmentCoping

Dr. Lorraine Brown teaches qualitative research methods to Masters and doctoral students. Her research interests include international education, identity and travel, literary tourism and culture contact.

Dr. Hanaa Osman is senior lecturer in Hospitality Management in the Faculty of Management, Bournemouth University. Her research interests include travel experiences affected by global hospitality organisations, and Muslim women’s experiences in the hospitality industry.

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