Preparing for the job market

Patrick is a postgraduate student at BU, studying Graduate Diploma in Law, who writes about preparing for the jobs market and taking a Law pathway after his first degree in English. Choosing a career after university can seem like an impossible decision to make. What you may not realise is that many of the skills… Read more »

Preparing for a placement

Summer is finally here! And whilst that means making most of the sunny weather and catching up with friends it is also the perfect time to gain vital industry experience. Most degrees at Bournemouth University have a compulsory 4/6 week or year placement as part of their course, which students must complete to graduate. This… Read more »

Gina’s journey to Forensic Toxicology (Part Two)

Abingdon Health Ltd – Birmingham Research Park, University of Birmingham I was gratified studying within toxicology and my thesis-topic fitted with my desire to analyse biologically natural toxins, giving me the opportunity to spend two weeks working in a functioning Research & Development laboratory with a commercial company (Abingdon Health Ltd).   Arriving at the… Read more »

Gina’s journey to Forensic Toxicology (Part One)

From childhood I’ve dreamed of one thing, working with venomous animal species. My fascination stemmed from my obsession with naturalist Steve Irwin. I remember waiting eagerly for Irwin’s shows and taking in my beloved VHS recorded ‘Crocodile Hunter’ and ‘Venomous Snakes of…’ to my nursery class, convinced everyone had the same passion as me; in… Read more »

How BU makes you more employable

Employability – the key reason most people go to university. By going to university you pick up a degree that usually puts you ahead of many other people, as well as showing your abilities and intelligence. However, there are two things you can add to your degree that put you above anyone else, and they… Read more »