My hunt for a part-time job

Finding a part-time job can be hard, but in the long run hard work pays off. In first year I didn’t bother getting a part time job as I wanted to fully experience university life as a first year. Personally this was a mistake and has led to a massive cost (let’s just say I’m… Read more »

What I learnt during my first year

At university you learn a lot more than just your degree subject, for most people it’s the first time they move away from home. Suddenly you have a LOT of responsibilities that most of us aren’t really prepared for. You really are thrown in at the deep end when you go to university and BU… Read more »

This week’s top questions

Here’s a look at the questions you’ve been asking this week… Is BU still open for Clearing 2015? I’m sorry, but we’re now closed for Clearing and our new academic term has now started for September 2015.  However, we’re now recruiting for our 2016 courses, so please visit our course listings for more details.  You… Read more »

Tips on saving money at uni

Here are Daniella’s top tips for stretching your student budget… Calculating your costs You can do this either monthly or termly, but it is best to calculate how much you will spend on rent, bills, food etc. One way to make sure you stick to your costs if you’re out is to take out what… Read more »

Work hard, play hard

I’m the type of person that likes to be kept busy; I’m always planning ahead and making plans. I prefer having lots of things going on as I feel it gives me purpose and that’s why one of my favourite sayings (and one I live by at university) is work hard, play hard! University is… Read more »

House hunting for your second year

Having survived halls, the prospect of living in a ‘real house’ with a select few can be really exciting, and it is! Here is my list of top tips when house hunting to help you find your very own home from home; I can guarantee you’ll be more concerned about switching off the lights and… Read more »

Why you should apply for a scholarship

It gives me great pleasure to be able to write this blog post, for being awarded the BU Vice-Chancellor’s Most Promising Applicant (BTEC) scholarship. In my opinion anyone can go to university, but what makes you stand out is the interesting things you can add to your CV. For me, Bournemouth was one of the… Read more »