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How far away is Bournemouth to London?

You can catch the fast train service from London to Bournemouth, taking approximately one hour and 50 minutes.


What is the night life like in Bournemouth?

With something going on every night of the week in bars, clubs and pubs across the town, it is no wonder that Bournemouth is well known for its lively nightlife.


What activities can I get involved with when not studying?

Balancing academic life with your social life is key to getting the most out of your time at uni – so get involved in clubs, societies, sports and other activities on offer: you won’t regret it.


Does BU have a Chaplaincy?

Whether you have a faith or not the Chaplaincy at BU supports all students. A Chaplain is someone from a faith perspective who offers hospitality, care, guidance and a willingness to journey with you through your programme.


Does BU offer a confidential health and wellbeing service?

Our service operates a strict confidentiality policy and we do not normally tell anybody that you have accessed the service or any details about the nature of the support you are receiving.


Are there campus dining facilities available at BU?

We encourage you to live a healthy life style to stay well. For those of you studying on BU campuses, we have a variety of high-quality facilities spread throughout the campuses, so whether you are looking for good coffee at low prices, a freshly baked baguette or just a relaxing environment, we have it all.

We’ve also made microwaves available for you to re-heat homemade meals.


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