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Studying is hard sometimes, especially if you try to study in your room whilst sitting in bed. We all know the scenario far too well: fuzzy clothes, laptop, books, a cup of tea and you are all set for studying. Why is it that after just 10 minutes you find yourself doing everything else but studying?!


The Sir Michael Cobham Library

As good as it feels to be comfortable, being in a lovely space rather than a study place might be the problem. However, you are not the only one having to deal with this and I was pleasantly surprised to come to BU and find out that they have created plenty of learning spaces all over both campuses solely to help students study effectively.

The SUBU building is the most popular area. You have six floors to choose from and all of them are available for you to study, do some group work, eat something or even just to socialize. While SUBU is great for group work and it has a friendly-social atmosphere the Sir Michael Cobham library is where you’ll find a silent study space when you need it.

Another quiet place that I highly recommend is the free computing zone. You can go at any time and no one will disturb you. And if that wasn’t enough, it has reliable internet and lots of computers!

All the places are incredible and if you value your studying time like I do, make sure you check them all out! There’s something about studying in the computer labs that makes you feel limitless…or maybe that’s just me.

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