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Martina Gardeva (Bulgaria)

My name is Martina Gardeva and I am a Bulgarian postgraduate student in MSc Tourism Management and Marketing. One of your biggest expenses in Bournemouth, apart from renting a house, will be buying food and clothes. Everywhere you go you will see big signs inviting you to go into the stores and spend your money whilst promising you the cheapest and best deals you can get. However, sometimes this is not the case. So, let me give you some practical tips about the most popular stuff you will end up actually buying:

Grocery shopping

The most popular choice here would be Asda, as they have everything you need in their large store.  There are also the smaller, but convenient minimarkets such as Tesco Express. Sainsbury’s is a slightly more expensive supermarket that is thought to have better quality food.  An amazing feature I discovered when I first came here was that you can order everything online and have it delivered to your house for £1 – £3 pounds, on a day and time that suits you best. It is much easier to shop like this and you end up spending less money, as you only buy the products you truly need!

The girls’ ultimate shopping therapy

My friends often call me a “shopaholic” because I love buying new stuff, especially clothes… Who doesn’t? However, living on a budget and at the same time following the latest trends, is quite the challenge. Nothing is impossible with a little planning!

A students’ best friend is definitely Primark – a cheap shopping paradise with plenty of options. Other popular brands in Bournemouth are Top Shop, New Look, Zara, H&M and TK Maxx. There are several really good stores for sports clothing such as Sportsdirect, JD Sports and a few small stores with amazing Vans and Converse sneaker collections. The best cosmetics store is definitely Boots, but if you prefer something with ingredients that are more natural, try the Body Shop. One way of finding good deals is to follow the brand’s website or even subscribe to their newsletters so that you get notifications every time they have a sale or any special offers.

Shopping with just one click

Once you register at BU, you can sign up to get a free 6-months Amazon Prime membership! This is arguably the easiest and the most convenient way to buy things you need. The best part is that you get them delivered to your door the next day at absolutely no cost. Clothes, accessories, stuff for your room, gifts, souvenirs, cosmetics….you name it they have it! Another very popular online platform is ASOS – an entirely online-based clothes platform with many discounted popular brands and an outlet for high-end fashion. As a student, you also get 15% off your purchases. Sounds great, doesn’t it?

Wherever you decide to spend your money, just remember it is always a good idea to plan ahead and avoid buying stuff you don’t really need! Have fun and spend wisely!

Martina Gardeva, Bulgaria, MSc Tourism Management and Marketing, 2017/18