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Tsz Kam Yeung

Hello, I am Tsz Kam Yeung from Hong Kong and a MSc Events Marketing student. When you move to a new place, there are so many things you need to buy, such as kitchen equipment, bedding, and stationary. Therefore, I am going to share my personal shopping experience with you.

First week of arrival

If you want to avoid the disappointment of going to the shop and not finding a duvet or pillows on the first day of your arrival, I would suggest you order online in advance. This was what I did before I came and it made life a lot easier, as I knew I would have many different things to buy, ordering everything online saved me a lot of stress. There is also the possibility that some shops can run out of stock because at the beginning of the academic year every student is arriving and shopping for the same things at the same time. I chose to order some larger stuff online through Argos.  Argos is a shop that sells everything from electrical goods to homeware and bedding and it offers a delivery or collection service. I used the delivery service which cost £3.95 at the time, and I was able to choose a delivery date and a time which was suitable for me.

Just need a single item?

Wilko is another retailer I love to go to. It is similar to ASDA, a popular large superstore, but without the grocery section. It mainly sells homeware, things for DIY and decorating and stationery. The reason I like this store is because I can find individual items in here, such as cutlery, and this means I don’t have to buy a whole set of tableware, which would be very expensive.

New clothes for different weather

As the weather in Bournemouth might be different from your country, you will need to buy some new clothes from time to time. Primark and New Look are the ones I love to go to, both of them are located in the Town centre. Primark offers lower price clothes, shoes and bedding. New Look is more stylish and the price is a little bit higher than Primark, however, when you present your valid student ID at the store, you receive a 10% student discount.

Health & Beauty

It is always good to find out where you should buy medicine just in case you need it. Boots and Superdrug are both health and beauty retailers. Apart from medicine, you can also find products related to skincare, cosmetics and health supplements. Boots also offers photo printing and photo gift services.

Book lover?

Want to buy and read some books or magazines? WHSmith is one of the retailers that sell books, stationary and magazines. It is worth looking out for their 3 for 2 offers on various products. In addition, the WHSmith in the town centre also offers a post office service.

These are the shops I normally go to and I hope it has given you an idea of what to buy and where to shop in Bournemouth.

Tsz Kam Yeung, Hong Kong, MSc Events Marketing, 2017/18