Guest blogger Produced by

Bruna Tolomeli (Brazil)

I am Bruna Tolomeli from Brazil and I have been studying a Masters in Post Production Editing here at BU since September 2017. Finding your way around town is easily done within the first few days of living in Bournemouth. However, finding the best places to shop can take some time. Hopefully, after reading this blog you will have a good overview of the coolest shopping areas in Bournemouth and will find the one you like the best straight away!

Town Centre

As soon as you step into town, you will understand the shopping potential of the town centre. In Bournemouth Square you will find the main multinational clothing-retail companies such as H&M, Zara and Primark, with their trendy outfits for a reasonable price. You will also see stores such as Tiger, where you can find the best gifts! From Landsdowne all the way to The Triangle you will find several coffee shops, restaurants and pubs. So, if you want to spend a day shopping, eating, and exploring, the town centre will definitely have something for everyone.

Boscombe, Westbourne and Southbourne

Boscombe is known as Bournemouth’s vintage quarter, with antique shops selling vintage clothes and used books. It has quite a retro feel to it and it’s quite a nice change from Bournemouth town centre. Westbourne is another interesting neighbourhood perfect for buying special outfits. It also has cosy restaurants and trendy pubs for a bite after shopping. If you are into arts and crafts though, I highly recommend you to try Southbourne’s boutiques.

Castlepoint Shopping Centre

Castlepoint is an outdoor mall and has a store for nearly everything you can think of, from clothes to electricals. It also hosts fun events in order to gather people in from the surrounding areas.

I hope these tips will help you when shopping in Bournemouth.

Bruna Tolomeli, Brazil, MA Post Production Editing, 2017/2018