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MGhabbour PortraitWhen I was searching for an MA programme, I loved the fact that BU differentiated itself from other universities by offering a more practical approach to my learning–that is why I ultimately chose to study at BU. I was able to learn the theory behind public relations and then I was able to put that theory into practice when working with live clients for my graded assignments. Also, the location doesn’t hurt – Bournemouth is a beautiful place to live, play and study (the beautiful beach is right at your doorstep). And it has excellent transportation links not only to the rest of the UK but to Europe as well.

Applying for my programme was a breeze. And I had a very personalized experience with my admissions representative – there was always constant communication and I never felt like I was just a number. Anytime I had a question, I’d always receive quick, helpful responses. The best part is that when I went to enrol I got to meet my admissions rep in person, it was so nice to put a face to the name and we even exchanged hugs – that’s how I really knew I wasn’t just a number and made a great choice with such a lovely welcome.

I absolutely loved my BU experience. I really got to know my peers and my lecturers. It was nice, because coming from Canada you’d always have to refer to your lecturer as ‘Professor [last name]’ but it was so nice to be on a first name basis with lecturers, because it made the teaching staff much more approachable.

I also loved getting to know my peers as everyone came from different parts of the globe, so I made some great international friends that I consider lifelong friends – I’ve even gone traveling with them and visited them in their home countries.

The university itself boasts a nice work-life balance. As a student, you’re always encouraged to get involved in clubs, societies and sports – there’s something for everyone. It was clear to me that BU wants to create well-rounded students, and that was something the university does very well. Living in Bournemouth was brilliant, I was able to take up water sports like paddle boarding, and I was able to explore neighbouring areas – Dorset is truly beautiful. The town centre is always bustling and you’ll always find something to do (whether you want to shop, eat or just lay on the beach).

For anyone wishing to apply to BU, I would recommend applying early for scholarships and accommodation. I sort of dropped the ball in this department, but it’s something that I tell everyone to do straight away.

Fun facts:

1) Mixing sweet and savoury foods on one plate is a completely foreign concept to the British. As a Canadian, I love bacon, eggs and pancakes, topped with maple syrup all on one plate–that would never happen in the UK.

2) The majority of my conversations with British people had an element of getting me to pronounce words and then laughing at the way I pronounce them (yes, I usually pronounce my ts as ds).

3) The British really love their chocolate. When you get to the UK, you’ll understand why.

By Merna Ghabbour, MA Public Relations

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