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By Merna Ghabbour

It was September. There was an influx of students from near and far ready to kick off another school year. Some were returning for another year, while others were just preparing for their first year. My journey started in Canada. I know what you’re thinking: I’m a long ways away from home. But this is what I felt like I had to do not only for professional growth, but for personal growth as well. For the next year, I’ll be completing my MA in Public Relations. It’s serious work, but I know I made the right decision.

January is fast approaching, and many of you will soon be calling Bournemouth home. Your journey may be beginning as far as mine or even closer. Firstly, it’s ok to be excited and nervous all at the same time, we’ve all experienced it. But rest assured, you’ll feel comfortable at Bournemouth University. One of the most exciting parts of BU life are the events that are held to help new students feel more comfortable and really settle in to their new lives. From information about academic life to fun social events, BU staff have you covered. My advice: go to every session and event that your schedule permits! BU really wants to offer you a well-rounded experience, so embrace it.

Exciting events just for you:

Airport Meet and Greet

  • Let the BU welcome crew assist you by answering any questions and getting you to Bournemouth

Induction Week

  • Meet staff and students from your academic school
  • Learn about the services that are available to you (i.e. library, IT services, etc…)

Orientation Day

  • Campus tour
  • Learn about BU’s support services (i.e. askBU, Chaplaincy, SUBU, Additional Learning Needs Service, Placements & Careers, Graduate School)
  • Immigration information (for Tier 4 students only)
  • Information fair – this is where you can meet banks, mobile phone companies, the police, as well as BU clubs and societies
  • Various workshops to help you get more acquainted with UK life
  • International Welcome Reception – a fantastic welcome dinner where you can meet staff and students

Excursion to Brighton and Chichester (go explore!)

The sessions/events are truly invaluable. Not only is it a great way to meet other students, but you’ll truly see just how important it is to BU to make you feel welcome. I speak from experience. Induction week truly helped me understand the amount of support that is available to students. If there’s one thing I definitely took away from the sessions/events that I attended, it’s that BU staff are here to support all students on their path to success…all you have to do is ask. So, speak up, the resources are there for you to use. Where to begin about Orientation Day? It is some of the most useful information for your time here in the UK. Tier 4 students, do NOT (I repeat, do NOT) skip the Immigration Information session. You need to understand what’s expected of you (you’ll basically be told about all the do’s and don’ts). After a day of information gathering, don’t forget to wind down at the International Welcome Reception. You’ll get to enjoy a delicious meal with a lot of staff and students. Put yourself out there, meet some new students. You’re all in this together. You can make some really great friends at that event. I know I did.

I really hope you’re even more excited to make your way to BU. Make the most of this experience. Make it the best. Get out there and get involved. Don’t hold back.

Welcome to BU and see you in January!

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    Anybody using the blog currently undertaking the Operating Department Practitioner course for advice ?


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