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Namaste and greetings to everyone!

A positive, dedicated, outgoing and open-minded 24 year old, this is Manish all the way from the Land of Himalaya, Nepal. An avid movie buff, I am also an auto enthusiast, love travelling, exploring new places and learning about foreign culture and language.

I feel fortunate to have been awarded the prestigious BU Vice-Chancellor’s International Scholarship, entitling me to a 50% tuition fee reduction on my Master of Business Administration (MBA). Having fostered an interest towards business and money matters since my teenage years and a curiosity towards how Bill Gates went on to become the richest man in the world, I was fortunate enough to have attended an English-medium school due to the support of my parents. Fittingly, I graduated with a business degree.

However, I had always dreamt of pursuing a postgraduate business degree abroad. This dream began to take shape when I heard about the BU scholarships provided to overseas students from my brother, who runs an online educational portal back in Nepal. Despite lacking the most outstanding academic records, I believed my extra-curriculum activities would help my application. Therefore, I applied for the scholarship with a strong personal statement – announcing the good news of my application being successful to my family easily ranks as one of the proudest moments of my life.

I could not help but dream as I gazed at the Canary Wharf skyline, as the Middle-Eastern carrier landed at Heathrow the night of 14 September 2014, my first night in Great Britain.

Getting into BU meant I was merely a stone’s throw away from one the financial centres of the world. I can usually be spotted acting as paparazzi of exotic supercars around Mayfair and Knightsbridge every fortnight when I visit the cosmopolitan city of London.


It’s spring now and I am in the third and final semester of my programme, eagerly awaiting the summer and with it the beautiful Bournemouth Beach. Every day at BU so far, has been nothing short of an adventure for me. The Bournemouth MBA, at the state of the art Executive Business Centre, has helped me gain international academic exposure and get acquainted with global business practices. However, the best part of my programme has to be the diversity of the cohort, which facilitates unique ideas, debates and arguments from around the world; I have managed to meet people from all parts of the world who will be a significant part of my personal and professional network. In addition to that, we have guest lectures and seminars from industry professionals and experts.


BU has a diverse range of courses to offer. My advice to prospective students would be to find a course matching their interests and ambition. BU has many scholarships on offer for deserving candidates. For my money, investment in education is vital if you aspire to get the maximum return from life; BU certainly has been a worthwhile investment for me.

By Manish Chandi Shrestha