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Bournemouth Beach and Pier

Hi! It is Jaime again! As a current student on the MLit English programme at BU, my weekends are anything but typical. When an assignment deadline isn’t looming, I aim for my weekends to be as relaxing and stress-free as possible. Finding time to fit in fun whilst studying can be challenging, but I’ve found that it is integral to your overall wellbeing and success. Taking even a few hours can be just the break you need to rejuvenate.

Relaxing on a Friday!

For me, Fridays are the lounge day. This semester I have classes all week and by Friday I am exhausted. It is a perfect night to chill out with Amazon Prime or Now TV to catch up on my favourite shows. Sometimes, I invite a few friends over to make a movie night of it. Dominoes delivers until 4am and it is BBQ Chicken Pizza and ice cream time!

Saturday Treats!

Saturday mornings, I enjoy sitting outside to people-watch and work on my writing (my current novel in progress). I rotate between Starbucks down the street from Dorchester House (or the roundabout coffee cart) and the cafes in the Sovereign Centre in Boscombe. The streets are alive and vibrant –especially at the weekend. Other times, I mix it up by just walking to the beach (it has been too cold yet to swim) and sit in the sand watching the waves or visiting local historical areas.

Every couple of weeks, I splurge (going out can be a bit pricey) and love the new cinema that just opened with reclining seats and cup holders. Or – if I want to let loose, I enjoy going to the Vinyl Room at Cameo.  For a closer and more mellow night out, I like Sound Circus in Bournemouth. It is directly across from where I live and a great way to quickly “get away” and feel social!

Exploring on Sundays!

On Sundays, I make it a point to see something new. I pick an area I’ve never been to before that I can get to by walking or by bus and go. It could be just a street. Or a park. Or a shopping area. But I usually find some interesting nook or sight that I never knew existed.