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I am Jaime, from Colorado, and as a student MLit English programme, I am fortunate to have been selected to work as a Student Ambassador for BU. Having a little extra spending money is worth the effort, but there is more to part-time work than just the pay cheque!


As a BU Ambassador, I have had the opportunity to not only get to know fellow Ambassadors, students, and BU staff – but also to make contact with potential students. Through chat sessions on various platforms, I find it richly rewarding to assist incoming students with my experiences (and lessons learned) of my challenges getting to the UK, as well as my time here and at BU. I give one-on-one tours to visiting international students (and often their parents) when they visit outside of an Open Day!

No matter where you work, creating connections and friendships broadens your university and life experiences.


Any work you do helps with your CV (or ‘resumé’ in the States). As a BU Ambassador, I can both share my skills with others and gain new ones in a variety of ways. For example, working as an Ambassador ties in with BU’s Global Talent Programme which gives international appeal to my CV and will help with my future endeavours. I also had the opportunity to give a tour to a family that works for the UN, which unexpectedly became a networking contact for me.

Part-time work allows you to share your talents and the talents of others!


I feel fortunate to have found a job within BU which connects me to my university, but also parallels my own future goals. I came to BU to switch my career from IT and Education to writing. In this position, through the blogs I write, I can hopefully inspire potential students to follow their dreams and goals, while simultaneously highlighting all the amazing aspects of BU. In return, it has also increased my own inspiration. My projects have supplemented by own writing portfolio of work and all the experiences I’ve participated in pave a broader path for me to journey.

Working while studying at university provides you with fresh ways to inspire yourself and the world around you!