Tasmin’s BU story – Events management

Ever wondered what it’s really like studying Events Management here at Bournemouth Uni? Well I sat down with Tasmin Monk in an exclusive BU Blog interview to find out everything you need to know to make that final decision. Read on as Tas reveals all, including the ins and outs of the course and the… Read more »

What to expect at an interview

I remember the day I received my letter in the post from Bournemouth University offering me an interview to study my chosen course. I felt both excited and scared at the same time, excited that I’d been offered an interview and I was one step closer to my dream course, and scared about what the… Read more »

Preparing for your interview

Interviews – scary stuff right? But that’s why you applied – to get on the course! This is just the next step. Just remember that it’s not a way to slip you up and make you feel like you don’t know anything – this is their chance to get to know you more – so… Read more »